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* SUMMER BOLLYWOOD FITNESS classes for adults and kids will be held at Lotus Yoga and Wellness Spa (
15053 Nall Ave, Overland Park, Kansas 66223) from June 5th -July 31st! Call Shyamly Jaiswal at 816-308-2602 or email at for more information!

* NO Kids Bollywood Fitness classes at Sylvester Powell Community Center in Mission KS in June and July!

*We are on Groupon! Grab the deal, it will not last forever!

*Ongoing Adult bollywood fitness classes at Sylvester Powell Community center in Shawness, KS. Visit their website for registration and more information.

* Want to join the Bollywood dance classes? Contact us today. We keep forming adult and children groups throughout the year for the purpose of learning new choreography and performing at various cultural platforms. 

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Sign up for an ongoing BollyFIT classes! 

Welcome to Bollywood Groove KC! We are the first Bollywood Dance and Fitness Company in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We offer bollywood dance and fitness classes for children and adults. Burn calories while dancing on one of our energetic bollyFIT cardio classes for adults. Let your kids experience the culture of Indian dance, stay active and give them the chance to perform on stage. Enroll your child or children in one of our kidz bollyFIT classes. Or sign up for one of our dance classes and get the opportunity to perform on cultural platforms. We also offer private lessons for weddings, baby shower and other events. Whether you are new to bollywood dancing or someone who is experienced, there is something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Look no more. 

                    What is bollywood dance? 

"Bollywood Dance" is the popular name for modern Indian dance. The dancing in Bollywood films incorporates various dance forms and is a fusion of styles including classical Indian dance, Indian folk dance and bhangra as well as western styles such as jazz, hip hop, latin dance and contemporary dance. Click here to register for any one or more dance and fitness classes. Call 816-308-2602 or email at for more information.